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Image by NASA

leverage the intelligenceof things in industrial sensing

ConnectFor products provide everything required for building smart sensor networks that capture all dimensions of your data.

ConnectFor builds smart sensor network equipment that is deployable by anyone, anywhere in the world and that can be configured with any sensor.  Data events are merged with presence information to create a level of intelligent sensor that can create valuable data insights.  Driven by machine intelligence, our products self organize, self maintain, and provide data insights without the added burden of hiring a fleet of IT support staff and data scientists. 

Measure. Learn. Act.



Low Click Config

Configure your system with a few clicks


Certified for use in hazardous areas

Robust Construction

Designed for submersion and performance in the toughest climates

Sensor Fusion

Hundreds of sensors to choose from, and configurable payload areas to put your own sensors in

No Infrastructure Required

Products are completely self contained

Machine Learning

Many algorithms included to augment data capture and analysis


ConnectFor is a pre revenue startup currently accepting clients for piloting our system in the mining, oil and gas, renewables and construction.

We're here to answer any questions you may have or please reach out for Pilot options.

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